About Us



Welcome to Goldmen Group

Goldmen Group is an international consulting firm  that provides service to individuals and corporations seeking wealth management in areas such as Energy, Metals, Financials and Forex.

Our specialty is to open the doors for alternative investments, and guide you every step of the way.

We provide a superb client service with the most skilled human resources, personalized service, cutting edge technology and markets to assist the short, medium and long term goals of our family of clients.

Our firm believes in the excellence of service, and is fully committed to seeking the results that our clients are looking for. Goldmen Group is built upon four fundamental client relationship factors:

– Trust

– Commitment

– Loyalty

– Integrity

Goldmen Group  ’s policy of “Know Your Client” allows us to understand our client’s background, what are his objectives in life, what are his needs, what does he want to achieve and why. By fully understanding our clients, it allows us to strive every single day to meet these challenges with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work.

Our account advisors are professionals who have the market intelligence to assist you in achieving your individual goals. Excellent market opportunities do not knock on our door every day. Being able to pinpoint them is an integral part of our strategy to help you achieve your financial success.

It is a pleasure to work with you.