Managed Options

If you’re a qualified investor with a diversified investment strategy, you may want to consider adding managed option futures option investments to your total long-term financial plan. Offering you the potential opportunity to profit in both rising and falling markets, managed option option futures may provide you with a significant growth potential along with commensurate risk.

About Managed Option Futures

Managed option futures is an industry in which professional money managers direct investments in the global currency, interest rate, equity, metal, energy and agricultural markets. They do this through the use of option futures, forwards and options. The option futures markets have played a pivotal role in the world’s economies. Tremendous market expansion has created new categories of markets and industry growth. The number and variety of markets traded in managed option option futures investments may add substantial diversification to an investment portfolio. Potentially, they can enhance risk-adjusted rates of return. (Historically, managed option option futures’ returns have shown low correlation to those achieved by stock and bond investments.)

Risk Considerations

Managed option futures investments involve significant risks, including the following: An investment in a managed option futures investment involves a high degree of risk, is speculative and volatile. An investor could lose all or a substantial part of his or her investment. There is no guarantee that an investment of this type will achieve its objectives. Managed option futures funds’ high fees and expenses offset trading profits and reduce returns. Also involve the use of significant leverage that may increase the risk of investment loss. The interests of investors in Goldmen Group managed option futures funds may conflict with those of Goldmen Group. Managed option futures are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds. An investment in managed option futures funds is illiquid. There is no secondary market for managed option futures funds, and there are restrictions on transfer of managed option futures funds. A substantial portion of the trades executed with respect to managed option futures investments may take place on foreign exchanges. Managed option futures investments may be considered as a potential component of a fully diversified investment portfolio.

Potential Benefits

If you’re a qualified investor, managed option futures investments may offer several potential benefits. They may provide you with:

Portfolio diversification — By allocating a portion of your assets to managed options futures, you may increase the diversification and the long-term performance potential of your investment portfolio while potentially reducing overall portfolio volatility.

Access to world economic marketsManaged options futures Investors may participate in up to as many as 80 global currencies, interest rates, stock indices, metals, agriculturals, and energy markets.

Professional portfolio management — Managed option futures investments utilize professional money managers with sophisticated risk management systems, years of experience and the capital needed to successfully participate in these markets.

Improved portfolio efficiency — Adding managed option futures to a traditional stock and bond portfolio may provide the potential to increase the long-term risk-adjusted rates of return in the portfolio.

Low-correlated performance potential — Many portfolios contain traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. In order to maximize profit potential (with commensurate risk) in all market cycles, investors often look to include investments that have the potential to perform when these markets experience difficulty. Managed option futures have historically demonstrated the ability to perform independently of traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. This is referred to as low correlation. The degree of correlation of any given managed option futures fund will vary, particularly as a result of market conditions, and some funds will have a significantly greater degree of correlation with stocks and bonds than others. To the extent the performance of managed option futures and the performance of traditional markets exhibit low correlation, managed option futures may or may not perform well when traditional markets are performing well, and vice versa. The factors that influence the stock and bond markets can affect the option futures markets in different ways and to varying degrees.


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